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Severo 3.0 electric pill grinder

Many people have difficulties swallowing pills. Grinding pills and adding liquid facilitates the intake of medication.
Manually grinding medication is time consuming work, which frequently leads to complaints of physical pain. There is also a risk of inhaling aerosols from the medication being transformed.

Quick and easy
All of these problems are a thing of the past with the Severo Pill Grinder.
It’s very simple. Put the medication in the cup, then place them into the grinder, close the door and within seconds the medication is available in a powder-form. The medication can
also be mixed with a liquid using the same cup

Key features:

  • Fast and effective crushing of medication. Medication is grinded within 8 seconds, . 
  • Avoiding exposure to medication and medication dust
  • Small and portable design With the dimensions 80 x 70 x 217 mm (l x b x h), its size is comparable to a small thermos flask and will easily fit in any small bag, medication trolley and/or nursing coat. As it can easily be taken with you, the new Severo 3.0 will be very suitable for home care usage as well.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Near silent operation very low sound levels (soft whisper level; 50 db), making it very suitable for medication grinding in the direct vicinity of patients
  • Rechargeable battery The improved battery, battery management and grinding mechanism significantly increase the number of grinding cycles per battery charge. Battery charging itself is reduced from 6 to 2 hours.
  • Protects the employes in the social sector against the impact of RSI and prevents inhalation of aerosols

Dimensions (LxBxH):
80 x 70 x 217 mm

Grinding head;
Stainless steel


Article No:

Cup volume:
30 ml

Cups (Art. code: 10306): 2000 cups per box
Rondels (Art. code: 3000004): 2100 cups per box.
Lids (Art. code: 10314): 2000 lids per box

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