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We support Non-Violence Foundation

The Non-Violence Project Foundation has been active for more than 20 years, is represented on five continents and has trained seven million young people, teachers, sports leaders and volunteers in how to resolve conflicts without violence.

The organization has the purpose and idea of inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to better understand how to resolve conflicts without violence building self-esteem. The overall goal is to radically reduce violence in society and educate next-generation adults how to resolve conflicts without violence, including through increased self-esteem and awareness. They create responsible young people who lead our world forward peacefully. This is done through specially designed training programs that benefit children and young people in their development and provide them with improved mental health and increased safety.


Non-Violence Project famous knotted gun, "Non-Violence", as Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd created in 1980 in memory of his friend John Lennon after being shot dead outside his New York apartment.

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