Hammarplast Medical


Consumables consist of three product groups.

  • Medicine dispensing like medicine measures and other products for medicine distribution.
  • Ear Nose Throat ENT
  • Cuffs for creating and maintaining bloodless field in upper/lower extremities (electronic tourniquets, disposable, autoclavable and roll-on cuffs)   

Within Consumables Hammarplast Medical is the legal manufacturer of proprietary CE-marked products.

Our product range consists of e.g.products for medicine dispensing such as medicine measures, trays, crushers, splitters as well as ear speculums for otoscopes etc.

Our offer:

  • We are Europe’s largest manufacturer of medicine measures.
  • Manufacturing in fully automated production cells at our modern site in Lidköping.
  • We are ISCC-certified and manufacture disposable products in fossil free raw material according to the mass balance system.
  • We have thirty years experience products for bloodless field operations. 

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